To Create Email Forwarder in Cpanel Webmail is very easy to do, but some people who are not technical savvy sometimes find it hard to do especially if they are new to cPanel and Webmail like RaketHost PH. you can also follow our video above.

This tutorial requires that you have your own website and subscribe to any web-hosting like RaketHost PH. Another requirements are you need a custom email and already been set up in your cPanel Account.

If you don’t know how to set up custom email I have another tutorial for setting up custom email.

  1. Open Webmail by visiting your own custom domain or

  2. Once you open the webmail usually you will be greeted with a dashboard for which mail client you want to use if you haven’t chosen a default one.

  3. On the upper right side of your dashboard where your email is located click the email and a drop-down tab appear and then select the link name forwarder. And a new window appears.
    Email Forwarder

  4. Click the button Add Forwarder and a new window appears where you input email being forwarded.

  5. Put your email in the field under the name Destination Forward to Email Address then click Add Forwarder

  6. Click add forwarder a success window appears.

To check if you successfully forward the email check again the forwarder tab under the email. Another way is actually sending email to the email see if your email is forwarded to the destination email you specified in your email forwarder.


Please note sometimes email takes few minutes before will show in your inbox as some email client will try to scan first for possible virus and malware. RaketHost PH Offer a spam filter for both inbound and outbound.

You can also follow this tutorial, connect your email to another email client such as Gmail or Thunderbird or mac mail.

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